Welcome to Hide and Seek Boutique! I'm excited that you are here and hope that you find something that you can't live without! During the summer of 2008, I learned to sew and haven't stopped since. I really enjoy doing custom work and would love to make you something for your family or as a gift! Take a look around and if you have questions, please don't hesitate to e-mail me at jackie_m_potter@yahoo.com.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Each of these products is custom made for you. Because of limited space on this blog, I'm not able to showcase each product with each fabric. So, I've inlcuded a couple pictures of each product to give you an idea of what it will look like. After you choose your product, click on the "Fabric Choices" link and choose which fabric and/or ribbon you would like me to use to customize your order.

Check out this darling initial pillow! Choose your favorite fabric and a coordinating ribbon and I'll make it into a super cute pillow for you! (custom pillow $18)

Mat Covers $30
Mat covers are like pillow cases that fit tightly over the red and blue standard size Kindermats (19"x45"x5/8") used at most preschools and Mother's Day Out programs. Mat covers are not only super cute, but they are comfortable and encourage better napping! Who wants to sleep on plastic? Not me!

This product may be embroidered for an additional fee.

Toddler/Travel Pillows
These cute toddler/travel pillows are great for nap time at preschool or to take with you when you travel. They are the perfect size (12"x16") to fit in backpacks and carry on luggage. The pillow is included with each order.

Custom Pillows $18
The main part of the custom pillow will be in the fabric of your choice. I will add a coordinating ribbon and hem of my choice, unless you specify otherwise.

This product may be embroidered on the hemline for an additional fee.

White with Grosgrain Ribbon Pillows $12
This pillow case comes plain white with the ribbon of your choice sewn on the hemline.

This product may embroidered above the ribbon line for an additional fee.

Flannel Blankets $15
These soft, lightweight blankets are great for naptime as well. They are the perfect size (52"x42") for a toddler/preschooler. The blankets fold up nicely and fit easily inside your child's backpack to take back and forth to preschool. They are light and help keep your child cool and comfortable during nap.

Flannel Blanket pics coming soon!

Burp Cloths $8
Burp cloths are necessities for a new mom and her new baby and these make the cutest baby shower gift! These burp cloths are adorable and are extra durable. The fabric of your choice is sewn down the middle of a cloth. Coordinating grosgrain ribbon adornes the top and bottom of the burp cloth.

Towel Wraps $30
These white, waffle weave towels are the perfect gift for the graduate headed off to college, for the soon to be mom and her hospital stay or a special treat for youself. Each towel wrap has an elastic band in the back, a velcro closure in the front and measures approximately 28" in length. The ribbon of your choice is sewn down the side of the wrap, with a bow at the top. The bow is clipped on for easy removal before washing.

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